Alliance for a Just Energy Transformation in action

Friday June 28th

3-5pm BST

Event description

The Alliance for a Just Energy Transformation (AJET) aims to convene a small gathering of key organisations involved with just energy transition, to discuss and guide the future priorities of the Alliance and help continue to build momentum. The event will highlight current initiatives such as the integration of Just Energy Transition into Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and cases showing AJET in action. It will focus on a Q&A session with all participants and allow time for a relaxed meet & greet in keeping with the festival spirit of London Climate Action Week to come together and find solutions to climate change.

About London Climate Action week

London Climate Action Week (LCAW2024), 22 June – 30 June, is one of the world’s largest independent climate change events, bringing local and global experts from across sectors to harness the unique power of London for global climate action.

The week itself is made up of hundreds of independent events where leaders, experts and community representatives tackle climate issues, share their knowledge and develop practical solutions both within their sectors and across the wider real economy.

London Climate Action Week showcases London as a leading example of how the whole of society can come together to shape and drive climate action.

LCAW 2024 marks the sixth edition of the festival and this year’s themes will focus on: the road to climate ambition at COP30; financing the global climate transition; delivering a net zero and resilient UK; and, mobilising whole of society climate action.

What the Alliance is

The Alliance was launched in November 2022 at COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. It is an inclusive, voluntary initiative of diverse organisations who work and exchange together based on a common understanding that energy transitions must deliver an overall people-centred and nature-based Just Energy Transformation.

The Alliance members recognise that the delivery of development goals is dependent upon integrated, managed transitions to sustainable energy systems, driven by people from the bottom-up; guided by principles of procedural, distributional, restorative, recognitional and intergenerational justice. All members endorse the Alliance rationale and commit to its principles.

The Alliance exists to unite organisations around a common narrative and to identify common asks for frameworks, policies and measures to support and accelerate the people-centred and nature-based delivery of clean, renewable, affordable and reliable energy for a development-driven sustainable energy transition.

Registration of interest

This is an invitation only event with limited capacity. Participation is in-person only. If you are interested in joining please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.