What We Do

Neyen builds ratings systems to drive transparency, comparability and trust. With more than forty years of expertise in carbon markets. Neyen consultants have led several first of its kind carbon projects under Kyoto and the voluntary market, participated in the design of the EU ETS, California ETS and financing proposals for the Partnership for Market Readiness, among others. We are currently leading innovation projects for the World Bank Carbon Markets and Innovation Unit. This has allowed us to gain a unique leadership position in the design of methodologies, infrastructure and regulatory frameworks that govern the generation of mitigation outcomes.

Article 6 Readiness

We rate country readiness to participate in international mechanisms such as Article 6 units and international carbon market structuring and evaluation. Previous projects include assessing MRV systems in the countries of the Pacific Alliance and piloting World Bank MAAP ITR (International Transfer Readiness) in multiple countries.

Corporate Sustainability Ratings

We design corporate sustainability rating protocols (corporate sustainability indexes, social, environmental and economic impact of corporate practices), taking ESG standards into account. This includes Corporate Certification (first and second party, international standards).

Subnational Ratings

We have designed rating protocols to assess city- and state-level Climate Action Plans that have been applied across Europe, Asia and Latin America. We also design other sustainable development rating protocols for mitigation actions, sustainable development impact and Community-based Resilience Evaluations.

Carbon Asset Ratings

The diversity of GHG programs and carbon units in the market make it challenging for offset buyers to select units have the level of integrity and contribution to sustainable development aligned with their corporate values. We take into account specific ESG risk categories in rating these assets ex-ante and ex-post. We apply rating methodologies to voluntary market offsets, carbon offsets from regulated mechanisms (CDM, future Article 6.4) and Article 6.2.