Juan Mata

Juan Mata is a specialist on energy and environment with more than 25 years of experience in the development of policies, programs and projects for the public sector, private entities and multilateral organizations. For the last six years, he has provided consultancy services (as independent professional and as Regional Director for Latin America at DNV-KEMA), to Governments (Mexico, Brazil, Panamá, Paraguay, and Bolivia, among others) and International Organizations (WBG, IDBG, USAID, AFD, UK Prosperity Fund). He is at present, associate consultant for the World Bank’s Carbon Market Unit (NCM).

Miguel Rescalvo

Miguel Rescalvo is an executive with more than 18 years of international experience leading the improvement and growth of businesses in the energy, climate and environment sectors. He has successfully managed operations in Europe, Latin America, USA and China what has provided him with a broad exposure to global operations and cultures. As a manager with interest in innovation and business development, he has focused on supporting corporations and local governments in developing countries in their efforts towards a sustainable future.

Maite Lasa

Maite Lasa is currently working in sustainable energy and climate change advisory for the public sector and multilateral organizations in Africa. She has 15 years of experience in business development, project management and consulting positions, including 10 years in sustainable energy and climate change: rural electrification, solar technologies (rooftop, off-grid), biofuels, biomass gasification for electricity production, energy efficiency, climate change mitigation program design and feasibility analysis at national and city levels. She also has extensive international working experience in Europa, Latin America and Africa including Egypt, Romania, Guatemala, Peru, Caribbean, Spain, US and Nigeria.

Hugo Gonzalez

Hugo González is a climate and sustainability policy expert with more than seven years of experience. He has worked for the Mexican government, donors and multilateral organizations, including SEMARNAT, INECC, CONUEE, the Prosperity Fund, GIZ, UNDP and IADB. He has devoted the last four years working towards strengthening the subnational climate change policy specialized in the interaction between state-level action and national policy.

Alvaro Barragan

Alvaro Barragan is an industrial engineer with over fifteen years of experience in renewable energy, HVAC&R and mechanical facilities and energy efficiency. He has participated in and leads multi-year energy research projects for the EU including SEEDS (Self Learning Energy Efficient Buildings and Open Spaces), eeEmbedded (Collaborative Holistic Design Laboratory and Methodology for Energy-efficient Embedded Building), e-balance (Balancing energy production and consumption in energy efficient smart neighborhoods).

Flora Lima

Flora Lima is a policy analyst conducting research and analysis on matters related to NDCs, Article 6 and the Circular Economy. She has supported work with clients across a range of industry sectors, including financial services, energy, carbon markets and construction.

Jorge Luján

Jorge Lujan is a junior consultant with a focus on carbon finance and climate policy. He has experience in consultancy and academic research in policy and sustainability in the marine environment and has supported projects in emissions trading and in the voluntary carbon markets.