Our Mission

We provide consulting and advisory services to support our clients in the design, deployment, implementation, evaluation and financing of Circular Economy strategies and sustainable energy plans and policies.

Our consultants have over forty years of expertise in carbon markets. We have led several first of its kind carbon projects under Kyoto and the voluntary market, participated in the design of the EU ETS, California ETS and financing proposals for the PRM, among others.

We value clients who are interested in pursuing innovative approaches for sustainable energy policy, program & project management, as well as seeking for solid and transparent assessment procedures for accountability and financial assistance.


Having a global approach to the energy sector needs and commitments to sustainable development, combined with a deep understanding of the international carbon finance ecosystem.

Providing access to innovative tools and processes to assess and reduce mitigation actions risk management for financial assistance and compliance, gaining a unique leadership position in the design of methodologies, infrastructure and regulatory frameworks that govern the generation of mitigation outcomes.

Being involved in first of its kind developments in energy policy, climate market mechanisms, subnational green growth strategies, clean energy sector M&A in multiple countries around the globe.


Design methodologies, infrastructure and regulatory frameworks that govern MOs and ITMOs generation, issuance and transfer.

Provide a single source of trusted information on the quality of carbon offset units, projects, methodologies and standards via ratings systems.

Integrate Circular Economy metrics with MRV systems.

Strengthen clients’ NDCs with harmonized metrics and ambitious goals according to Circular Economy principles.

Build National and International capacity to design and transfer mitigation actions that are financially ready.

Promote consensus around key aspects of climate carbon markets.

Development and policies for leading institutions

Our team has worked for the following organisations.